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Relationships – Why They Fail

With the national divorce rate at an all time high, its pretty obviously that relationships/marriages just aren’t working out the way they used to. Additionally, the couples that do stick together often appear glum and miserable. Some men blame it on the feminist movement in which women are seeking out equal treatment economically and socially; […]

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Players Should Be Busy

Read this if you want to become a Player and want women to stop standing you up. Have you ever noticed how the most sought after people always seem to be busy? Have you noticed how you¬†subconsciously¬†value the time of someone who you think to be busy as opposed to someone who you know think […]

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Text Message Like A Player

Text messages can be a fun and discrete way to contact people during any time period of the day. Whether you’re in an important business meeting or viewing a movie at a local cinema; it only takes seconds to type up a message and contact anyone you choose. And because of this it is the […]

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Leave Women Better Than You Found Them – Become A Player

As Players and men, we meet and date a lot of beautiful women. That’s a given. On Way of the Player we talk a lot about how to get beautiful women interested but what we rarely address is how to actually leave things when it is time for both of you to part ways. Some […]

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