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You Must Upgrade Your Life

Improve Your Standards I know I have written multiple articles about raising and sticking to a higher standard, but I really can’t stress enough how important your standards are to your success with women and every other aspect of your life. You need to put checks and balances on every aspect of your life. Over […]

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women are not the issue

Women Are Not The Issue

Negativity Towards Women Hey guys, Nathan again, your favorite nerd from WotP. Today I’m going to talk about a very specific problem. That is negativity toward women, particularly by other men. Now, aside from Kieran Black, I don’t talk to any of you guys outside of the site, but I will let you in on […]

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getting laid

One Night Stands

One Night Stands Are Awesome Have you ever wanted to be the kind of guy who could go out to a bar and take home beautiful women on a regular basis? A lot of guys have tried this with mixed results. Most guys don’t succeed initially, they don’t know how to subtly make the transition with a […]

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the game

Have You Read ‘The Game’ ?

A local WOTP Forum member by the name of Nate made a post asking a few questions about the book ” The Game by Neil Strauss”. Although I had never read the book or thought to read the book before reading his post; I figured, reading it along with him would allow me to connect […]

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become a player

The Pursuer Becomes The Pursued – How to be Chased By Women

A few of my clients have asked me if there is anyway to be sought out and approached by beautiful women. Meaning, is there a way to become so desirable to women that they muster up the courage to approach you on their own; similar to what Players do when they see an attractive woman. […]

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player game

Players Win The Game

There comes a time in every Players life, when he meets a girl who makes him feel like he has won the game of life and love. When you meet that girl you will know it beyond any doubt and you will know with both your mind and your heart, not one or the other. […]

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Become The King Of The Seduction Jungle

Attract Beautiful Women From the Discovery channel to many peoples favorite Disney film, we’ve all heard it before; lions are the “king of the jungle”. Now I’m no zoologist but as we all know, lions eat, sh!t, and sleep all day long and barely have to lift a finger. Male lions have on average four […]

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Have Awesome Conversations With Women

I’m going to tell you in the simplest terms how you can have great conversations with beautiful women almost every time you make an approach. If you are anything like most of the men who have come to me for help with this, then you’re probably not the best natural conversationalist going around. You might […]

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Assume Authority

What Does Authority Mean To You? Authority is a necessary part of a functioning society, without it, there would be no civilization, no order, just chaos. Everyone wants authority, and those who don’t have it, often resent those who do but how do you get authority? Why should anyone listen to you? My name is Nate and […]

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what women want

What Do Women Really Want?

What do Women Really Want. This is the question that men are asking themselves today. Women tell us through the media, books, magazines and television that they want a kind sensitive man who will put their needs first, listen to them constantly and likes all the same things that they do. But is this really […]

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