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Alpha Male Don Draper

Don Draper, a brilliant example of an alpha male. For any of you who have watched the smash hit television series ‘Mad Men’. You will no doubt be familiar with the character of Don Draper, an alpha male advertising executive with a love for beautiful women and a profound sense of style and flair that […]

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The Top 10 Film Players

By Kieran Black The media has always had a major influence in how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. The media tells us how we should dress, how we should act, how we should think. It’s no wonder that in order for the modern player to be successful he needs to keep up with the times and because […]

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The Greatest Womanizers Of All Time

Our primary goal at Way of the Player is to enlighten our members as to the many social intricacies which allow us to thrive in certain aspects of society where lesser men fail. We are able to do this by highlighting and explaining the powerful attitudes and attributes which come with being a Player. As […]

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