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Eddie Fews: The Power In A Proper Compliment

There has been a myth going around the seduction community for sometime that you should never compliment a woman on her looks. That instead you should point out something unique that a guy doesn’t usually compliment her on to get her attention. While I agree that an indirect compliment will definitely lift a woman’s spirits, […]

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My First Date With A Self Made Millionaire

So I had started a conversation with this lady that was sitting next to me on the train. At that moment she appeared to be in her early thirties, but what really got my attention was her big curly hair – I’ve always had a thing for curls. We get to chatting about god knows […]

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Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Greetings, gentlemen. I am In$tinct, from Hungary, and today I’m here to tell you one of the best ways to improve yourself as a person. Gurus and experienced PUA’s (Pick Up Artists) will always tell you to step out of your comfort zone, you can read that everywhere but it’s easy to know and not […]

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Fight Your Demons

For some strange reason many of you so called “Players” out there think you’re going to reach a level where you no longer feel nerves or anxiety. The odd part of this is you think you are going accomplish this by reading tons material on the internet. So that’s the plan? You’re going to read every article […]

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Stop Lying To Women

Lying To Women Has A Price This is one of those articles that is therapeutic for me because not only am I reaching out and teaching our readers but I am teaching and reminding myself of what it is I need to do in my own life. Sit back and enjoy. I have always enforced being honest […]

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Assume Authority

What Does Authority Mean To You? Authority is a necessary part of a functioning society, without it, there would be no civilization, no order, just chaos. Everyone wants authority, and those who don’t have it, often resent those who do but how do you get authority? Why should anyone listen to you? My name is Nate and […]

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The Way of the Player Forum

The New Player Forum!

Come See The New Player Forum We have set up for your benefit a brand new Player Forum. Here you will be able to post your questions and journals and receive regular feedback from us and Way of the Player’s extensive membership base. We did have a forum set up previously but unfortunately the software had […]

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Women Aren’t The Answer

It appears that in this modern day society of romance movies and love stories we get caught up in the idea that there is someone out there that is meant to “complete” us. We all seem to be in search for “the one”, a savior, our very own personal Jesus that is going to take us from […]

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Become A Player

True Players Give Love

I know the problem; I see the main issue, why 90% of men are struggling with when it comes to dating and meeting women. Most of you guys simply don’t not love people! You don’t enjoy meeting people, you don’t like helping other people grow, and you don’t enjoy giving to people. Many of us […]

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They Don’t Matter To A Player

Hey everyone, I’m Nate, long time poster on Way of the Player but still fairly new at it. I’m here to tell you guys why some people don’t matter. At some time in our lives, we all worried about what others thought of us, whether it was co-workers, classmates, that girl across the hall, whoever […]

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