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From a Fat Loser to a Married Success

Hey guys, I’m Kieran from Way of the Player. I used to post on here quite a bit. I pretty much used this website as a digital diary for me to record many of my experiences and ideas in the hope that it would help other guys and also allow me to further solidify my […]

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The Five Life Lessons You Learn Through Being A Player

 Becoming a player is no walk in the park. There are many trails and tribulations you must first encounter before you can crown yourself with the tittle.  Life lessons are inevitable; we will all learn them despite the path we choose in life. But, the life lessons a player learns are unlike any other. 1.     Failure […]

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Never Get Rejected Again

Do you fear rejection? Are you afraid of trying and failing? I’m about to tell you two ways that you can make sure that you NEVER get rejected ever again. It is not a strategy it’s not a technique, it is just reality and out of these two options that I present you, one will […]

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