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The best costume party costume

The Best Costumes For Picking Up At Costume Parties

You have been invited to a costume party, you know there are going to be lots of beautiful women in slutty outifts and you know there is a chance that you might be getting naked with one (or possibly more if you are esepecially awesome) You look through your wardrobe and you find an old […]

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beautiful women are not attracted to lazy men

10 Things A Player Should Never Do

As well as understanding what kinds of behaviours a player should partake of, it is also essential that as a player you are aware of the types of behaviour you should not indulge in; this will help you get to where you want to be quicker because you will not go through many of the rookie mistakes and set […]

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Christian Troy vs. Hank Moody

Way of the Player analyses and compares two of televisions greatest playa’s. Most of us love to watch television and movies featuring men who are great with women, we look up to them, we admire them and some of us even wish we could be them but just how close to the truth are these impressive characters? […]

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