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beautiful women are not attracted to lazy men

10 Things A Player Should Never Do

As well as understanding what kinds of behaviours a player should partake of, it is also essential that as a player you are aware of the types of behaviour you should not indulge in; this will help you get to where you want to be quicker because you will not go through many of the rookie mistakes and set […]

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alpha male competition

How Beat Competing Alpha Males

By Kieran Black An Alpha male is a man who has developed a natural Alpha/Dominant mind frame within a wide social setting. These Alpha males are generally your biggest competition when you are proactively seducing an attractive female, who is receiving alot of male attention. They will often attempt to use physical and psychological means to […]

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get your ex to want to be with you

How To Get Rid Of Your Competition

An important facet of being a true Player is understanding and often practicing the notion that we are able to date multiple women guilt-free without the fear of them leaving us because we are secure in the fact that we have an abundance of options and will always continue to have abundant sexual options no […]

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How To Make Beautiful Women Fall For You

Ten great tips for winning her heart. 1. Don’t put her on a pedestal.   Beautiful women are accustomed to being worshipped and idolized by low value men on a constant basis. They get out of parking fines, they get doors opened for them and they get treated better by just about everyone. If you’re […]

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Man flirting with woman

The Player’s Guide To Flirting

Have you ever found yourself liking a girl but you haven’t been sure how to show interest in her without embarrassing yourself in the process and making things awkward? If you are like the vast majority of men out there without the innate ability to read the minds of women then this has probably been an […]

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