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Player Quiz

Take the Player Quiz

Are You A Player? We would like to invite you to complete a quiz which will assess your skills and knowledge as a Player. These questions have been carefully crafted and selected by the team at ‘Way of the Player’, to provide you with an accurate measure of how you are progressing as a Player. […]

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Socialize With A Stranger A Day

Whenever my girlfriend and I go running or walking in our local park, I always make a point of saying hello to the people that we pass. My girlfriend always put this down to one of my many¬†idiosyncrasies (funny habits) and for awhile she didn’t make any mention of it; until the other day when […]

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Never Get Rejected Again

Do you fear rejection? Are you afraid of trying and failing? I’m about to tell you two ways that you can make sure that you NEVER get rejected ever again. It is not a strategy it’s not a technique, it is just reality and out of these two options that I present you, one will […]

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Make 2013 Awesome

Get What You Want In 2013

New Years Eve has just passed and we are now thinking about the year 2013. It would appear that the world didn’t end in the year 2012 like the Mayans predicted… Or did it? You can’t have a new beginning without an ending, right? What if the world you have lived in up until now, […]

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The Way of the Player Forum

The New Player Forum!

Come See The New Player Forum We have set up for your benefit a brand new¬†Player Forum. Here you will be able to post your questions and journals and receive regular feedback from us and Way of the Player’s extensive membership base. We did have a forum set up previously but unfortunately the software had […]

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