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How To Turn Tonight Into A One Night Stand

We at WOTP pride ourselves in being candid men. Conspicuously humble with our humility, others have said of us. Part of the premise of your social life is to engage in a one night stand. Either you are packed with hubris to admit it or not, there is nothing greater in life than a serendipitous, […]

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Our Sex Party

Sally Talks About Her First Sex Party I asked myself what is the best way to start this sex story and this is what I came up with. John, my husband and I have able to enjoy extra sexual pleasures for a few years now, so bringing up the subject of a sex party was […]

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I’m On My Period

Those are the four words I never want to hear again… I still talk to the people I went to high school with and I spoke this one guy I know who usually has little shindigs at different places for his birthday every year and he told me about his upcoming party. Later that afternoon. […]

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Become A Player – Learn To Live With Yourself

This article explains why you need to learn to live independently of others, if you want to become a Player. In my 9,338 days upon this Earth, I have encountered a lot of unhappy people in unfulling relationships and I would bet that you have too. They know that the person they are with is […]

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Standards, Every Man Should Have Them

This article is about the importance of having standards. How many of you guys would stick your ‘man tool’ in just about any girl that looks half-way decent? Lets say right now you get a text message from some girl you went to school with a few years ago. It said “Hey, my boyfriend is […]

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Story: Needed Gas, Got Ass – Way Of The Player

This story was submitted anonymously by a member of Way of the Player. Handled Like A Player Hi there, I’ve been reading some of the stories on here and I decided to send in one of my own. I go to Brown University in Rhode Island but I’m from a town called Burlington which is […]

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nailed my friends mom

Alpha Male Style – I Nailed My Friends Mom

I haven’t always been an alpha male or a Player. And I feel like a bit of a bastard writing to tell you guys about this. Because well, I feel like a bastard having done this to one of my good friends. But I had to share it with someone, so who better than the […]

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My Top 10 Player Fails (Part 1)

It occurred to me recently that I write a lot about my success as a Player but I havent really touched on all the cringe-worthy failures that I experienced on the path to become a Player. I look back on many of those failures now and I can only laugh and shake my head at […]

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My Top 10 Player Fails (Part 2)

In ‘My Top 10 Player Fails (Part 1)‘ you read about my embarrassing love letter… My almost F-buddy… My clueless School dance… My failed threesome and the beautiful Irish bartender model dancer I scared away by being obsessive and jealous. You probably thought of some of your own love hardships whilst you were reading about mine. And unless […]

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Threesome Stories

In my lifetime I have had three threesomes. I’m not talking about just kissing two drunk girls at a house party either… I’m talking about sex with two beautiful women and myself all at the same time. Awesome right? After reading some of the other threesome stories on here; I thought it was only fair […]

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