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The Eleven Female Orgasms: Know Her Body Better Than She Does

Did you know that women have the ability to experience eleven different forms of an orgasm? Imagine being the type of sexual lover that knows more about a woman’s body than she does. How many women know about this intense and pleasurable subject? Not many. And we have found hundreds of women asking this same exact […]

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Phone Sex With Mr. X

Phone Sex A wise man once told me that confidence, determination, passion, communication and wisdom are some of the most vital of features a man can hope to possess in his lifetime. What once took years of guesswork on how to possess such traits now only takes minutes of reading. Thanks to technology (and a […]

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The Top 5 Sex Positions For Making Her Orgasm.

Being a Player is all about selling yourself to the world around you, we present ourselves to the world as we would best envision ourselves, the way we look and act is often a reflection of what we believe to be cool and in demand. Like any product that is on sale, it’s future success […]

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