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The Power of Delayed Gratification

The Power of Delayed Gratification The world is set on eradicating  delayed gratification; the smartphones, the apps, wireless, seamless, streaming, “whatever you want, whenever you want” and “on demand” are only a few of the things that promotes “NOW”, “ALL THE TIME.” Things are getting too easy. It’s too easy to order a pizza, it’s […]

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Secret Texting Weapon: Inside Jokes

Secret Texting Weapon: Inside Jokes “How do I keep the texting going?” Inside jokes are the key to creating rapport and securing attraction (remember, it’s not all about having a diamond-cutting jawline and toned glutes, guys). Placing an inside joke anchor is your way to differentiate yourself from other guys because it’s tapping into a […]

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Do Looks Matter?

Perhaps one of the most common questions regarding dating and picking up women is the looks question. Do looks matter? Clearly for us men, looks matter. Many men I know personally care pretty much ONLY about looks. And most men I know care significantly about looks. There are evolutionary reasons why certain features of women […]

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How To Get Laid On OkCupid

How To Get Laid On OkCupid Note: This article is not endorsed by OkCupid. It has been independently written and published on Way of the Player. Anyone of you readers having trouble getting online-dating to  work for you? I’m going to give you all an easy to follow simple guide  to securing lays on OkCupid. […]

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