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Balcony Sex In Ibiza

A story of partying and sex in Ibiza. When I was 18, I finished school and I went on my first trip overseas, to Ibiza in Spain. I had recently lost my virginity and I was eager to get laid again. In the interests of keeping things cheap. The lads and I drove from our […]

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My Top 10 Player Fails (Part 1)

It occurred to me recently that I write a lot about my success as a Player but I havent really touched on all the cringe-worthy failures that I experienced on the path to become a Player. I look back on many of those failures now and I can only laugh and shake my head at […]

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Threesome Stories

In my lifetime I have had three threesomes. I’m not talking about just kissing two drunk girls at a house party either… I’m talking about sex with two beautiful women and myself all at the same time. Awesome right? After reading some of the other threesome stories on here; I thought it was only fair […]

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My Slovenian Nightclub Experience

By Ciaran Okay before we get started, my name is Ciaran pronounced ‘Key-er-an’ and I am from a lovely green place called Ireland. Every year just before Easter I make a point of picking out somewhere new and interesting in Europe and then I go there and spend a few weeks taking in a new culture and generally just […]

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How To Tell If A Beautiful Woman Is Approachable

5 tips to drastically improve your success. By Damien Diecke My students are often left stunned and amazed at how consistently I can walk from one woman to another, opening successfully every time; getting huge interest, really obvious and overt signals of attraction, a solid phone number and then leave to find my next target. […]

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Story: How I Picked Up A Girl In Front Of Her Mom.

By Ken Hi my name is Ken and I would like to tell you a special story that happened to me. When I was about 4 years younger, I was single and loving life. After years of ‘being bad with women’ I had finally decided to do something about it, so I read just about every […]

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Getting Drunk To Pick Up Girls

If you live in a Western country where alcohol is readily available in large quantities then you have probably at one point or another over indulged in an alcoholic substance and found yourself acting a bit out of character. Now whether this means you were acting a bit obnoxiously towards an attractive woman who didn’t […]

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Where To Find A Girlfriend

Finding a girlfriend can be quite hard if you don’t know where to look, we come across beautiful women all the time in our everyday life but there is no sure way of knowing which one’s are ‘girlfriend material’, all we can really do is go out of our way to meet as many as possible and […]

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The Player’s Guide To Fashion And Style

Part 1: Mastering the basics We at Way of the Player want to make one thing crystal clear, players do not peacock. Peacocking is a practice taught under the PUA (pick up artist) guidelines for attracting women, it revolves around sporting loud obnoxious attire for the purpose of attracting female attention to oneself. Peacocking is for […]

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The Five Crucial Steps Of Sensual Escalation

In this article we are going to be delve into the detail of physicality during seduction. In particular we will be focusing on physical male actions which result in sexual arousal reactions in women. To make this as easy a process as possibly for you, we at Way of the Player have created a step by step guide to assist you […]

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