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Elliot Rodgers

Elliot Rodgers: A ‘Nice’ Guy

I’m sure by now everyone in the world is familiar with the now infamous Elliot Rodgers. The arrogant¬†little Prick who took it upon himself to murder women who’s only crime was that they were beautiful and had standards. This little creep ‘tried’ and failed at becoming a Pick Up Artist. He signed up for the […]

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Become The King Of The Seduction Jungle

Attract Beautiful Women From the Discovery channel to many peoples favorite Disney film, we’ve all heard it before; lions are the “king of the jungle”. Now I’m no zoologist but as we all know, lions eat, sh!t, and sleep all day long and barely have to lift a finger. Male lions have on average four […]

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Why Nice Guys Finish Last

You ever wonder why nice guys never seem to get the girl? I’m going to tell you why. There is one recurring theme in the player community, which I see time and time again. It is the theme of men who are struggling to¬†get laid by beautiful women. I call it, ‘ Nice Guy Syndrome’ […]

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