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The Player Story I Never Told

What does it take to be a player? The same thing it takes too be anything – hard work and dedication. The term ” player ” has lost a bit of its sentiments because it’s so loosely thrown around. Girls tend to throw the term around to any guy who appears to be attractive. Even worse, guys […]

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Quiz: How Likely Are You To Get Laid?

Want to have a greater chance at success tonight than that odd libido that always leaves you in front of a computer screen at 5 a.m. with some Vaseline? Well look no further: this questionnaire is designed to test your awareness while simultaneously increasing your knowledge of your female counterpart. While we cannot guarantee that taking […]

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Have a conversation with a stranger

What are you afraid of? Have a real conversation with a real woman. Imagine its a sunny day. The breeze is blowing just slightly, the tree limbs are waving at you and you feel at complete peace, ease and comfort with the world. Imagine you feel like you belong here and that earth is your […]

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