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Eddie Fews: A Message To Tomorrow Men

Dear Tomorrow Men: Recently I had been developing a platonic relationship with a girl that mentioned that she was an artist. She didn’t make too big of a deal of it, and because of this I didn’t either. I just figured she drew pictures as a hobby – nothing too serious. It wasn’t until yesterday […]

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Interview with a 46 Year Old Cougar

So I ran into the sexy girl who was standing in the line at a pharmacy waiting to check out. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass so I opened her and we began talking. Long story short, she turned out to be a 42 year old(looked 25), who has a big thing for […]

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The Womens Guide to True Happiness

So lets face it… Hollywood has fucked us! They design movies to sell fairly-tale like ideas of what romance is to the overly emotional; and like ignorant idiots we mistake it for real life. I’m sorry sweetheart, but you’re not a princess, you don’t live in a castle and I’m not a knight in shinning armor. Besides, […]

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