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Five Attributes That Make Every Player Attractive

Even if you have the Ferrari keychain dangling from your waist and a Brioni blazer sitting across the shoulders, you are still light years away from being the man. The exterior is cute and all, but that is hardly what sustains your relationships over the years. That’s just the top layer. You were who you […]

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Secret Texting Weapon: Inside Jokes

Secret Texting Weapon: Inside Jokes “How do I keep the texting going?” Inside jokes are the key to creating rapport and securing attraction (remember, it’s not all about having a diamond-cutting jawline and toned glutes, guys). Placing an inside joke anchor is your way to differentiate yourself from other guys because it’s tapping into a […]

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The 1 Hour Date: A Secret Weapon

*The 1 hour date* is not necessarily a new concept, but at times has been forgotten as one of the most powerful weapons in a man’s arsenal to infiltrate the female brain. You don’t need to kick the door down when you can just *pick the lock*. Have you ever asked any of the questions […]

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