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player with multiple girlfriends

10 Tips For Dating Multiple Women

By Kieran Black A big part of being a player is having the mentality that you are an alpha male and as an alpha male you should be having sex with lots of beautiful women; optionally after years of doing this we can just have lots of sex with one very beautiful woman who appreciates us but that is only […]

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attractive couple

The Player’s Guide To Fashion And Style, Part 2: Accessorising For The Modern Player. (Continued)

Part 2 (continued): Accessorising For The Modern Player Return to beginning of article (first page) Jewellery Jewellery is like alcohol, good in moderation terrible in excess. When people who have never had money suddenly obtain large amounts of it, the first thing they want to do is spend some of it and buy some luxury […]

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puppies get girls

Use Your Dog To Meet Beautiful Women.

If you are reading this then you are no doubt curious as to how you can best utilise Man’s Best Friend to help you get Man’s Best Lady Friend. Well if you have owned a dog in the past then you have no doubt at some point attracted the attention of beautiful women who wanted to pat and ‘oooh’ […]

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beautiful women for threesome

How To Be Funny Without Trying

How To Be Funny Without Trying Humor is something we all love and enjoy. It has the ability to transcend linguistic, cultural and sexual barriers. It is an integral part of how we interact with and relate to others. Without humor, life would be a sad and sordid affair. It’s the spin we can place […]

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do wome care about money

Does Money Matter To Girls?

When we see fat old men driving around young beautiful women in fast red Ferrari’s, it’s only natural for us to ask ourselves the question, ‘Is she with him because he has money?’ She is so attractive and he is so unattractive, it seems against the natural order of things that a beautiful woman who could have just […]

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love and lust

The Difference Between Love And Lust

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges we face as Players and indeed men, is the ongoing internal battle which wages between heart and mind. For many, the fine line that separates love and lust is rarely ever clearly drawn. Often lost in the throngs of passion, we tend to disregard years of experience and let our hearts lead us blindly down perilous paths […]

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video games and girlfriends

Video Games Versus Girlfriend

By Kieran Black Since the dawn of the digital age, when the first mass produced video game consol ‘The Magnavox Odyssey’ first appeared in 1968, a love affair between males and video games began that would see the technology steadily develop and improve over the years until almost every Western household in the world owned some form of video game. […]

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get your ex to want to be with you

How To Get Rid Of Your Competition

An important facet of being a true Player is understanding and often practicing the notion that we are able to date multiple women guilt-free without the fear of them leaving us because we are secure in the fact that we have an abundance of options and will always continue to have abundant sexual options no […]

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