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The One Ability That Will Solve All Your Issues With Women

I’ve began to understand that every issue men have with women stems from the exact same place. Too often men are attacking the minor issue, where if they would just destroy the foundation that is keeping them from getting what they want, the entire “issues with women” building would come tumbling down. Its like cutting […]

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Primitive Player

Becoming a Primitve Player. Let’s face it. Men have been picking up women since men and women were invented. In those days they didn’t have dating websites, social networking, text messages or phones. And you know what? You’re here, I’m here, so those guys must have known what they were doing. When we look at […]

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5 Awesome Dating Tips For Successful Online Dating

Here are my best five dating tips for getting girls using the internet. I can’t imagine anyone in the year 2012 that hasn’t giving online dating a shot, but regardless of what you see on match.com commercials there are many people out there that are simply just not having success with internet dating. Beautiful women often complain […]

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You Need A GirlFriend To Get A Girlfriend

By Eddie Fews I’ve noticed that a lot of guys that don’t get with a lot of beautiful women, only think about getting with beautiful women. That’s all they want, its all they talk about, its as if they put every other aspect of their life on pause and refuse to lift a muscle or challenge themselves in […]

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The Top 10 Pros And Cons Of Internet Dating Sites.

So you consider yourself a bit of an internet Casanova? You have a way with words but you prefer to type them rather than speak them. You are extremely photogenic but present poorly in person. You are currently serving time for crimes against humanity. Whatever the reason you prefer to meet women online, we’re not judging. We do however suggest that you […]

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