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Inner Game: Simplify and Apply Effort

Inner Game: Simplify and Apply Effort “Game”, social dynamics, psychology, reading minds, anticipating behavior…this all seems like pretty complicated stuff. Well it is. BUT, it doesn’t mean you can’t simplify some things for your own benefit (and in the end, hers). They say you gotta “go back to the basics” in various challenges in life. […]

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The Seven Powerful Principles Of Every Player

Becoming a player is like pledging for a fraternity or joining a secret society. There is a series of trials and tribulations you must first endure before you can even consider yourself worthy of the title.    Prior to receiving this badge of honor that women claim to despise, you MUST live by these seven […]

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inner game

Inner Game

Hi guys, it’s In$tinct. Today is going to be all about Inner Game, and I’m going to tell you my story and show you how having a good perspective on life can change things, and help you. When I’m talking about Perspective it’s mainly of course a perspective on negative experiences. Whenever something bad happens […]

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