My Threesome Relationship

Hi my name is James and I have a threesome relationship. Some of you may have read some of my stories on here before. Here’s to hoping this one gets published as well. The first one I sent in was the story of how I picked up this amazing hottie in Bogota, Colombia. The second story I sent in was about how …

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You Don’t Have It Because You Don’t Deserve It

You Don’t Have It Because You Don’t Deserve It  I’ve began to notice that everyone has a poverty like mentality when it comes to a particular area of their lives. There are poor men and women everywhere that are victims of thoughts that keep them enslaved to their conditions. Think poverty, talk poverty, and you will manifest poverty in your …

adminYou Don’t Have It Because You Don’t Deserve It
women are not the issue

Women Are Not The Issue

Negativity Towards Women Hey guys, Nathan again, your favorite nerd from WotP. Today I’m going to talk about a very specific problem. That is negativity toward women, particularly by other men. Now, aside from Kieran Black, I don’t talk to any of you guys outside of the site, but I will let you in on something. If you were to …

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