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How To Attract Beautiful Women Like Charlie Sheen.

Step 1. Become a world famous celebrity and earn an annual 7 figure salary. Or if you can’t do that, then continue reading. In this article we are not going to tell you how to become Charlie Sheen because that would be impossible there can only be one Charlie Sheen and he is awesome. We will however teach […]

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How To Be Funny Without Trying

How To Be Funny Without Trying Humor is something we all love and enjoy. It has the ability to transcend linguistic, cultural and sexual barriers. It is an integral part of how we interact with and relate to others. Without humor, life would be a sad and sordid affair. It’s the spin we can place […]

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The Player’s Guide To Flirting

Have you ever found yourself liking a girl but you haven’t been sure how to show interest in her without embarrassing yourself in the process and making things awkward? If you are like the vast majority of men out there without the innate ability to read the minds of women then this has probably been an […]

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The 10 Pillars Of The Modern Player

Become a Player Every sane adult person alive lives by their own set of values and morals, their own individual code. This code determines how you interact with the world about you; it determines your character, your strengths, your weaknesses and most importantly your self-esteem. It is probably not something you are entirely conscious of, […]

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