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I Wanted To Become Hank Moody

Hunter’s journey to become like Hank Moody Ever since I first got my very own home PC at the age of 13, I have been addicted to porn… Ever since I looked up my first bit of sleaze on the internet with the door bolted shut and my tissue box out. I have repeated this ritual […]

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How To Get Girls Like Hank Moody From Californication

Hank Moody and beautiful women And he’s back once more. Due to popular demand Hank Moody the fictional character from the television hit series ‘Californication’ has earned himself yet another feature article in ‘Way of the Player’. Last time when we looked into the sordid affairs of Hank Moody, we were comparing him to another […]

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The Player’s Guide To Fashion And Style

Part 1: Mastering the basics We at Way of the Player want to make one thing crystal clear, players do not peacock. Peacocking is a practice taught under the PUA (pick up artist) guidelines for attracting women, it revolves around sporting loud obnoxious attire for the purpose of attracting female attention to oneself. Peacocking is for […]

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Christian Troy vs. Hank Moody

Way of the Player analyses and compares two of televisions greatest playa’s. Most of us love to watch television and movies featuring men who are great with women, we look up to them, we admire them and some of us even wish we could be them but just how close to the truth are these impressive characters? […]

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