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strength in life

The Most Important Thing – Strength In Love And Life

By Chris Manak From the heart of someone who has done most of what a lot of guys out there are striving to do, if there is only one thing that I can teach, let it be this – BE STRONG. Life is hard. You think a girl not talking back to you warrants depression? Wait […]

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hank moody jeans

How To Get Girls Like Hank Moody From Californication

Hank Moody and beautiful women And he’s back once more. Due to popular demand Hank Moody the fictional character from the television hit series ‘Californication’ has earned himself yet another feature article in ‘Way of the Player’. Last time when we looked into the sordid affairs of Hank Moody, we were comparing him to another […]

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sexy player

Play Sports, Get Girls

The good thing about sport is that it has a tendency to attract fit young women and many of these young fit women also happen to be very pretty. One thing about people who are fit and motivated, is that they tend to like dating other people who are fit and motivated, you will rarely see a hot gym […]

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