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So You’ve Met Someone Special?

Is this your first time falling in love or has it happened before? If this is the first time you’ve found someone special it is important that you understand that this “someone special” is going to come in your life again and again, and again, and again, and again. If this isn’t the first time, […]

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A Real Player Doesn’t Blame The Game

One thing that I constantly find astounding is the reluctance of individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and communities. When something goes wrong, when people try to change something and they experience resistance; the first thing they do is blame the “System”. This mentality is completely okay for your average Joe, who is […]

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10 Tips To Getting Everything You Want

I am writing to you now as someone who is living at the top but started at the bottom. To put things in perspective, a few years ago before I found my way with Way of the Player. I was a deadbeat loser. I was unemployed and living off welfare, I drank too much, I […]

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Disrupt Her Reality – Attract Beautiful Women

Have you ever wondered how you can get beautiful women to chase you? How you can get the attention of beautiful women women without doing much of anything? No matter what method you use… The key element to every method involves disrupting the reality of a woman. I have learned how to get a beautiful woman […]

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Which Type Of Game Suits You?

 We want to make it clear that Players don’t seek to nurture one area of their lives; they aim to improve them all. Meeting women is not some activity that players take a part in, its not some sport, talking to women is just a apart of who we are. As Players we don’t set […]

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My First Date With A Self Made Millionaire

So I had started a conversation with this lady that was sitting next to me on the train. At that moment she appeared to be in her early thirties, but what really got my attention was her big curly hair – I’ve always had a thing for curls. We get to chatting about god knows […]

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I Wanted To Become Hank Moody

Hunter’s journey to become like Hank Moody Ever since I first got my very own home PC at the age of 13, I have been addicted to porn… Ever since I looked up my first bit of sleaze on the internet with the door bolted shut and my tissue box out. I have repeated this ritual […]

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Get In The Zone To Approach Women

Get in the frame of mind to approach beautiful women Lately I’ve noticed there has been a lot of really great ‘life philosophy’ coming through on the Way of the Player forums and in particular from our New York columnist Eddie Fews. This has got me thinking a lot about my own life philosophies that I have […]

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What We Can Learn From Kenny Powers.

By Kieran Black Hey guys, I’m writing this article for any dude on here who is currently struggling to get his sh*t together and things just seem to keep getting in the way of his dreams. If that guy is you, then this article could be exactly what you need to read to stop letting life pass you […]

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Story: The Best Revenge Story Ever

By Anonymous. I was dating a girl for two and a half years, we met in college and she was the third girl I had ever had sex with. During the time that we went out she went on a trip down to Tijuana, Mexico with her friends and while she was down there she cheated on […]

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