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Dating Tips For Men: Being Funny And Masculine

By Elliott Gordon Last night, my friend and I were kicking back with a couple of beers, talking about dating tips for men, when he made an interesting remark. “Have you ever noticed that women aren’t as funny as men?” I stopped to think about it.  There are lots of female comedians out there, but as […]

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Story: Getting Laid In Bogota.

By James Lancaster Hey guys, My name is James a few of you may know me as Dark Angel, I post on here a fair bit but this is my first time writing in. I read that we are able to send in our stories and I remembered that I had a pretty good one […]

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How To Be Cool, 10 Easy Tips

By Kieran Black Ever since we first learnt to walk and talk, before the concept of “cool” even existed, humans have coveted the respect and admiration of their fellow men and women. Over hundreds, if not thousands, of years people in society have sought to rise through the ranks and gain the adoration of their peers in the perpetual pursuit of increased […]

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How To Be Funny Without Trying

How To Be Funny Without Trying Humor is something we all love and enjoy. It has the ability to transcend linguistic, cultural and sexual barriers. It is an integral part of how we interact with and relate to others. Without humor, life would be a sad and sordid affair. It’s the spin we can place […]

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