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Secret Texting Weapon: Inside Jokes

Secret Texting Weapon: Inside Jokes “How do I keep the texting going?” Inside jokes are the key to creating rapport and securing attraction (remember, it’s not all about having a diamond-cutting jawline and toned glutes, guys). Placing an inside joke anchor is your way to differentiate yourself from other guys because it’s tapping into a […]

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10 Dating Facts That Will Blow You Away

These 10 dating tips from New York Dating Coach and columnist ‘Eddie Fews’ are guaranteed to improve your game. Read and enjoy. Dating tip 1 Studies show that Schools, Colleges, Coffee Shops, and Malls are all excellent places to flirt because people are more open to meeting others in these places. Poor locations are restaurants […]

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Girl With The Tiger Tattoo

The Girl With The Tiger Tattoo By Ben Hello, My name is Ben (Benicio) and this is the story of what happened to me recently with a girl with a very conspicuous Tiger tattoo. I have always been a bit attracted to girls with tattoos in fact my parents who are pretty traditional have always warned me […]

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Alpha Males – Why Most Women Prefer Older Men

By Kieran Black Have you ever wondered why so many young beautiful women seem to like dating older men? When I was growing up and seeing my Dad dating a variety of young beautiful women who were closer to my age than they were to his, it really made me wonder about this well into […]

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nailed my friends mom

Alpha Male Style – I Nailed My Friends Mom

I haven’t always been an alpha male or a Player. And I feel like a bit of a bastard writing to tell you guys about this. Because well, I feel like a bastard having done this to one of my good friends. But I had to share it with someone, so who better than the […]

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Supermarket Pick Up – 6 Great Tips

The art of Supermarket Pick Up On Saturday night I was out in the city with the ‘The Melbourne Wolfpack’. We were talking about the different strategies you might use for seducing beautiful women in different environments. One of those places mentioned was the supermarket and it occurred to me this morning as I was sitting […]

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college pick up

Story: The Best Revenge Story Ever

By Anonymous. I was dating a girl for two and a half years, we met in college and she was the third girl I had ever had sex with. During the time that we went out she went on a trip down to Tijuana, Mexico with her friends and while she was down there she cheated on […]

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The best costume party costume

The Best Costumes For Picking Up At Costume Parties

You have been invited to a costume party, you know there are going to be lots of beautiful women in slutty outifts and you know there is a chance that you might be getting naked with one (or possibly more if you are esepecially awesome) You look through your wardrobe and you find an old […]

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The Five Crucial Steps Of Sensual Escalation

In this article we are going to be delve into the detail of physicality during seduction. In particular we will be focusing on physical male actions which result in sexual arousal reactions in women. To make this as easy a process as possibly for you, we at Way of the Player have created a step by step guide to assist you […]

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how to pick up beautiful women at a bar

Bar To Bedroom, The Player’s Guide

For this particular guide we are going to start at the beginning of a typical seduction and walk it through all the important stages to getting your girl in bed (for sex). When reading this it is important to remember that it is not enough to simply know the steps… you also need to be charming and have enough confidence […]

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