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Merry Christmas From Way Of The Player

Hello readers, The festive season is upon us and before long an obese old man will be breaking into your house in the dead of night to steal your milk and cookies and fulfill your Christmas wishes. For those of you who don’t find it slightly creepy that some strange unshoven Finnish dude is somehow always watching […]

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Story: How I Picked Up A Girl In Front Of Her Mom.

By Ken Hi my name is Ken and I would like to tell you a special story that happened to me. When I was about 4 years younger, I was single and loving life. After years of ‘being bad with women’ I had finally decided to do something about it, so I read just about every […]

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Where To Find The Hottest Women In The World

The Players guide to backpacking part 1. Where to find the most hottest women in the world. If you have ever been backpacking around the globe, then you would of no doubt noticed that some countries tend to have more beautiful women than others, that’s just the way it is. So wouldn’t it be awesome to know which […]

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