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Women, Men Want Femininity Back

My last article was on the subject of men and women holding each other to higher standards, so we can each begin to improve the quality of ourselves, each other, and the quality of mates we’re attracting into our lives. I had received a great deal of emails from women thanking me for giving them […]

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Man Vs. Woman: Biologically & Psychological Differences ( The Wounded Womb)

So I just finished reading the first half of this book called ” The Wounded Womb by Dr. Phil Valentine” – Its a rare book. Used versions on amazon are starting at $225 USD. So if you desire to know the women’s in’s and out’s and if you have a little extra cash I strongly recommend […]

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The Role Women Play In Our Lives

My Friends Predicament Just recently I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine by the name of ‘Daniel’ and we were discussing the most recent falling out he had with a girl he began dating. He called me to explain the situation to me and we concluded that he was giving too […]

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