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The Eight Step Formula for Instant Dating Success

The Eight Step Formula for Instant  Dating Success Hey there, it is Andreas here again with another blog post. This time I am going to write a blog post on a subject I am very passionate about – becoming an attractive man! First, I would like to tell you very briefly why I am so […]

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The Five Crucial Steps Of Sensual Escalation

In this article we are going to be delve into the detail of physicality during seduction. In particular we will be focusing on physical male actions which result in sexual arousal reactions in women. To make this as easy a process as possibly for you, we at Way of the Player have created a step by step guide to assist you […]

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Bar To Bedroom, The Player’s Guide

For this particular guide we are going to start at the beginning of a typical seduction and walk it through all the important stages to getting your girl in bed (for sex). When reading this it is important to remember that it is not enough to simply know the steps… you also need to be charming and have enough confidence […]

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