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Get In The Zone To Approach Women

Get in the frame of mind to approach beautiful women Lately I’ve noticed there has been a lot of really great ‘life philosophy’ coming through on the Way of the Player forums and in particular from our New York columnist Eddie Fews. This has got me thinking a lot about my own life philosophies that I have […]

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Why Nice Guys Finish Last

You ever wonder why nice guys never seem to get the girl? I’m going to tell you why. There is one recurring theme in the player community, which I see time and time again. It is the theme of men who are struggling to get laid by beautiful women. I call it, ‘ Nice Guy Syndrome’ […]

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There Is No Magic Pill

By Eddie Fews As I browse through these seduction forums on the internet, from day to day I realize that every guy is looking for the same exact thing; A quick fix. Some type of instant game changer that is going to permanently improve the success that they are having with beautiful women. Sometimes it’s a post like […]

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