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A Persistent Pick Up At A New York City Subway Station

After a long night of approaching women and partying I had finally burned out and was ready to head home. I made my way into the subway station and took a seat in what appeared to be an empty room. I’m sitting slouched, with my elbow pointed into my thigh so that my right arm […]

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18 Body Language Mistakes I Bet You’re Making

Lucy thought I loved theater as much as she did. I showed her a small storm of theater wisdom that I had, which apparently conveyed to her that I want to know all about it. While she was entertaining me with knowledge I will never use, I was thinking of how I could show her […]

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Great Conversations – The Elephant In The Room

This article is the second in a series titled ‘Great Conversations’, you can read the first by clicking here. The Elephant In The Room It’s a Saturday night and you are feeling pretty good. You approach a pretty girl and you initiate a conversation. You are talking, she is politely listening and talking back but there is […]

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Socialize With A Stranger A Day

Whenever my girlfriend and I go running or walking in our local park, I always make a point of saying hello to the people that we pass. My girlfriend always put this down to one of my many idiosyncrasies (funny habits) and for awhile she didn’t make any mention of it; until the other day when […]

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Have Awesome Conversations With Women

I’m going to tell you in the simplest terms how you can have great conversations with beautiful women almost every time you make an approach. If you are anything like most of the men who have come to me for help with this, then you’re probably not the best natural conversationalist going around. You might […]

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Men Who Are Intimidated By Beautiful Women

For many men, this has probably been an issue for them at some point in their lives and they have probably felt like they were all alone. Men don’t really want to admit to other men that they’re intimidated by beautiful women. They feel like to admit that they are innately afraid of beautiful women, […]

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Text Message Like A Player

Text messages can be a fun and discrete way to contact people during any time period of the day. Whether you’re in an important business meeting or viewing a movie at a local cinema; it only takes seconds to type up a message and contact anyone you choose. And because of this it is the […]

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10 Tips For A Great First Date

I often hear from women that the majority of their first dates are awkward and uncomfortable. Be it, too many silent moments or lack of commonality. There are a few things that can be done to make sure things go a bit more smoothly. First Date Tip #1 Get Her On The Phone Text messages are […]

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5 Awesome Dating Tips For Successful Online Dating

Here are my best five dating tips for getting girls using the internet. I can’t imagine anyone in the year 2012 that hasn’t giving online dating a shot, but regardless of what you see on match.com commercials there are many people out there that are simply just not having success with internet dating. Beautiful women often complain […]

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Sex Is Natural

I’ve noticed that when it comes to sex many people are very uncomfortable with the idea of it and their own sexuality. Men are often insecure about the size of there penises and women are far too concerned with being labeled as a slut if they have sex with a guy too quickly. It appears that everyone is […]

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