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The Power of Delayed Gratification

The Power of Delayed Gratification The world is set on eradicating  delayed gratification; the smartphones, the apps, wireless, seamless, streaming, “whatever you want, whenever you want” and “on demand” are only a few of the things that promotes “NOW”, “ALL THE TIME.” Things are getting too easy. It’s too easy to order a pizza, it’s […]

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Five Attributes That Make Every Player Attractive

Even if you have the Ferrari keychain dangling from your waist and a Brioni blazer sitting across the shoulders, you are still light years away from being the man. The exterior is cute and all, but that is hardly what sustains your relationships over the years. That’s just the top layer. You were who you […]

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Become A Player

Players Focus On The End Goal

Since I began professionally coaching men on meeting and dating women, I have noticed a common theme with the guys that I work with it; they tend to invest the most of their energy and thought space into making the first move, instead of investing energy into their ‘end goal’. I’d even go so far as […]

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My name is Kieran Black, I am a former professional Dating coach and a current columnist with Way of the Player. I have been teaching men how to attract and seduce beautiful women for many years now and during that time I have continued to learn and grow myself. In fact, it is through teaching […]

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