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The Five Life Lessons You Learn Through Being A Player

 Becoming a player is no walk in the park. There are many trails and tribulations you must first encounter before you can crown yourself with the tittle.  Life lessons are inevitable; we will all learn them despite the path we choose in life. But, the life lessons a player learns are unlike any other. 1.     Failure […]

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Women Are Attracted To A Man With An Identity

A good friend of mine once told me that ” 20% of men sleep with 80% of the women.” As I’ve grown up and matured, I’ve began to see traces of how true that statement honestly is. Let’s take High School for example: In high school there are a few guys (Jocks, Popular Guys, Pretty […]

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Ego-Boost: It’s Easier Being a Guy

Ego-Boost: It’s Easier Being a Guy Men Destroy, Women Build Men When a man sees a woman, he instantly has an image of an amazing, sprawling estate with a nice lawn and new paint. All the traits thus far are perfect, from smell, to hair, to smile to ample boobie. As men, we start out […]

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The One Ability That Will Solve All Your Issues With Women

I’ve began to understand that every issue men have with women stems from the exact same place. Too often men are attacking the minor issue, where if they would just destroy the foundation that is keeping them from getting what they want, the entire “issues with women” building would come tumbling down. Its like cutting […]

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Phone Sex With Mr. X

Phone Sex A wise man once told me that confidence, determination, passion, communication and wisdom are some of the most vital of features a man can hope to possess in his lifetime. What once took years of guesswork on how to possess such traits now only takes minutes of reading. Thanks to technology (and a […]

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Have Awesome Conversations With Women

I’m going to tell you in the simplest terms how you can have great conversations with beautiful women almost every time you make an approach. If you are anything like most of the men who have come to me for help with this, then you’re probably not the best natural conversationalist going around. You might […]

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Players Conquer Mirco-Avoidance

Humans with fully functioning minds make thousands of small decisions every day; some that happen on the subconscious level and others that we decisively have to make. Have you ever been on public transportation and wanted to sit down but the only empty seats were being either guarded or directly in between two other people? […]

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Men Who Are Intimidated By Beautiful Women

For many men, this has probably been an issue for them at some point in their lives and they have probably felt like they were all alone. Men don’t really want to admit to other men that they’re intimidated by beautiful women. They feel like to admit that they are innately afraid of beautiful women, […]

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Women Aren’t The Answer

It appears that in this modern day society of romance movies and love stories we get caught up in the idea that there is someone out there that is meant to “complete” us. We all seem to be in search for “the one”, a savior, our very own personal Jesus that is going to take us from […]

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Become A Player – You Can Do This!

Usually when I’m scanning the internet reading articles from various seducers I begin to notice a common theme. And it is this theme that is preventing many men from achieving the levels of success we’re each capable of. It appears to me that the larger percentage of articles on the net focus on the negative […]

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