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learn a martial art

Learn A Martial Art

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of the most successful driven people I have met in this community also practice a martial art. The same kind of man who can see the benefit in constant exercise, stretching and training towards perfection, is the same kind of man who can employ those skills towards meeting and […]

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Make 2013 Awesome

Get What You Want In 2013

New Years Eve has just passed and we are now thinking about the year 2013. It would appear that the world didn’t end in the year 2012 like the Mayans predicted… Or did it? You can’t have a new beginning without an ending, right? What if the world you have lived in up until now, […]

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Assume Authority

What Does Authority Mean To You? Authority is a necessary part of a functioning society, without it, there would be no civilization, no order, just chaos. Everyone wants authority, and those who don’t have it, often resent those who do but how do you get authority? Why should anyone listen to you? My name is Nate and […]

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what women want

What Do Women Really Want?

What do Women Really Want. This is the question that men are asking themselves today. Women tell us through the media, books, magazines and television that they want a kind sensitive man who will put their needs first, listen to them constantly and likes all the same things that they do. But is this really […]

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Become A Player

Players Focus On The End Goal

Since I began professionally coaching men on meeting and dating women, I have noticed a common theme with the guys that I work with it; they tend to invest the most of their energy and thought space into making the first move, instead of investing energy into their ‘end goal’. I’d even go so far as […]

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My name is Kieran Black, I am a former professional Dating coach and a current columnist with Way of the Player. I have been teaching men how to attract and seduce beautiful women for many years now and during that time I have continued to learn and grow myself. In fact, it is through teaching […]

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living on the edge

Are You Living On The Edge

Eddie Fews talks about living on the edge. (Alarm!!!!) Wake up 7:00am – brush your teeth – shower – get dressed and head out the door by 8:00am to get to work on time. Arrive at work do what you did yesterday, eat lunch, work some more, punch out and head home. Get home home, […]

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Removing Negative Influences From Your Life

How Our Influences Can Shape Our Lives Recently I had to remove someone from my life who was very important for a long time and a big influence. It wasn’t easy because this person was family but it was necessary because their self-destructive behavior and selfishness was having a negative impact on my life. Some people might […]

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woman on toilet

Beautiful Women Poop Too

A while ago one of our members posted a picture in the forums of a beautiful girl sitting on a toilet seat. Underneath this picture it said ‘Women poop too’. I have often thought about how true that statement is and how many of us avoid this uncomfortable thought as much as possible. Most of […]

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Players Love Adventure

To become a Player, one must first accept that there will be challenges along the way but it is all part of the adventure. To look for adventure means to take a risk, to actively push yourself out of your comfort zone for the purpose of finding something new and exciting. We all want an […]

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