Disrupt Her Reality – Attract Beautiful Women

Have you ever wondered how you can get beautiful women to chase you? How you can get the attention of beautiful women women without doing much of anything? No matter what method you use… The key element to every method involves disrupting the reality of a woman. I have learned how to get a beautiful woman to come after me and …

adminDisrupt Her Reality – Attract Beautiful Women

Five Attributes That Make Every Player Attractive

Even if you have the Ferrari keychain dangling from your waist and a Brioni blazer sitting across the shoulders, you are still light years away from being the man. The exterior is cute and all, but that is hardly what sustains your relationships over the years. That’s just the top layer. You were who you were before you got there. …

adminFive Attributes That Make Every Player Attractive

Women Are Attracted To A Man With An Identity

A good friend of mine once told me that ” 20% of men sleep with 80% of the women.” As I’ve grown up and matured, I’ve began to see traces of how true that statement honestly is. Let’s take High School for example: In high school there are a few guys (Jocks, Popular Guys, Pretty Boys etc.) who seem to …

adminWomen Are Attracted To A Man With An Identity

The One Ability That Will Solve All Your Issues With Women

I’ve began to understand that every issue men have with women stems from the exact same place. Too often men are attacking the minor issue, where if they would just destroy the foundation that is keeping them from getting what they want, the entire “issues with women” building would come tumbling down. Its like cutting weeds, if you just cut …

adminThe One Ability That Will Solve All Your Issues With Women
Great Conversations

Great Conversations – Why You Can’t Think Of Anything To Say

Have Great Conversations With Women This is the first of a series I will be writing over the next few weeks for the Way of the Player community revolving around.. You guessed it. Having great conversations with beautiful women. One of the most common things I come across in our community is men who are worried about not having anything …

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Player Quiz

Take the Player Quiz

Are You A Player? We would like to invite you to complete a quiz which will assess your skills and knowledge as a Player. These questions have been carefully crafted and selected by the team at ‘Way of the Player’, to provide you with an accurate measure of how you are progressing as a Player. It is not easy to …

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Women Are Watching You

The Camera Is Always On And Women Are Always Watching If you had been informed that there is an invisible camera following your every move, that would be linked to the television screen of the woman of your dreams; how much different would you live your life? Would you continue to spend unnecessary hours in front of the television watching …

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getting laid

One Night Stands

One Night Stands Are Awesome Have you ever wanted to be the kind of guy who could go out to a bar and take home beautiful women on a regular basis? A lot of guys have tried this with mixed results. Most guys don’t succeed initially, they don’t know how to subtly make the transition with a girl from a bar/nightclub/party scenario …

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become a player

The Pursuer Becomes The Pursued – How to be Chased By Women

A few of my clients have asked me if there is anyway to be sought out and approached by beautiful women. Meaning, is there a way to become so desirable to women that they muster up the courage to approach you on their own; similar to what Players do when they see an attractive woman. When asked this question my …

The Pursuer Becomes The Pursued – How to be Chased By Women
player game

Players Win The Game

There comes a time in every Players life, when he meets a girl who makes him feel like he has won the game of life and love. When you meet that girl you will know it beyond any doubt and you will know with both your mind and your heart, not one or the other. Sometimes the mind can trick …

Players Win The Game