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Barney Stinson says suit up

Attract Beautiful Women Like Barney Stinson

If you have ever watched the television series ‘How I met your mother’ then you have no doubt laughed at the hilariously awesome antics of Barney Stinson, a character whose bantam passion for seduction has left many men looking on in awe. Well despite the fact that Barney Stinson is a fictional character there is still […]

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bro code book

The Bro Code By Barney Stinson

The Bro Code  Although we at Way of the Player do not fully endorse the Bro code, we like to give our users what they want and considering that Barney Stinson from ‘How I met your Mother’ is a favourite television player for many, so we have decided to include this for your enjoyment.   […]

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beating depression

Beating The Blues, Dealing With Depression.

By Kieran Black As an ex-depression sufferer myself, I felt somewhat compelled to write an article based on my own journey through depression and research I have undertaken in order to improve my ability to help friends of mine who are suffering from depression. There was once a time when I was in the depths of […]

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