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My name is Kieran Black and I love backpacking. As I sit in the airport lounge of Melbourne International airport awaiting my departure to Europe. I know that this journey will no doubt be one of the most interesting and insightful backpacking experiences of my life. And I can’t help but reminisce on the first time […]

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Balcony Sex In Ibiza

A story of partying and sex in Ibiza. When I was 18, I finished school and I went on my first trip overseas, to Ibiza in Spain. I had recently lost my virginity and I was eager to get laid again. In the interests of keeping things cheap. The lads and I drove from our […]

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My Slovenian Nightclub Experience

By Ciaran Okay before we get started, my name is Ciaran pronounced ‘Key-er-an’ and I am from a lovely green place called Ireland. Every year just before Easter I make a point of picking out somewhere new and interesting in Europe and then I go there and spend a few weeks taking in a new culture and generally just […]

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beautiful women in bogota

Story: Getting Laid In Bogota.

By James Lancaster Hey guys, My name is James a few of you may know me as Dark Angel, I post on here a fair bit but this is my first time writing in. I read that we are able to send in our stories and I remembered that I had a pretty good one […]

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sex and danger

Sex And Danger

Every good action film ever made has three important components: a likeable hero, tough bad guys and a hot girl. Whether she’s good or bad the hot girl is always present and there is always the possibility that they might hook up. It is a well used Hollywood cliché that once the hero has defeated the drug […]

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love and sex in paris

How To Pick Up On Holiday

The Players guide to backpacking Part 2. How to pick up on holiday Choosing the right places to stay. When traveling to foreign destinations you are always going to be bombarded with a variety of options for accommodation and without having been to a place previously you can really never be sure what you are booking yourself into. […]

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a passport for sex

Where To Find The Hottest Women In The World

The Players guide to backpacking part 1. Where to find the most hottest women in the world. If you have ever been backpacking around the globe, then you would of no doubt noticed that some countries tend to have more beautiful women than others, that’s just the way it is. So wouldn’t it be awesome to know which […]

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