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Five Attributes That Make Every Player Attractive

Even if you have the Ferrari keychain dangling from your waist and a Brioni blazer sitting across the shoulders, you are still light years away from being the man. The exterior is cute and all, but that is hardly what sustains your relationships over the years. That’s just the top layer. You were who you […]

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Believe In Your Sexy

Sexy People Know They Are Sexy I hosted one of my WOTP New York Wolfpack ‘meet ups’ at a large museum in New York this weekend. Its a popular event done at the museum on the first Saturday of each month in which people from different cultures and social classes all come out to have a […]

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Women Are Watching You

The Camera Is Always On And Women Are Always Watching If you had been informed that there is an invisible camera following your every move, that would be linked to the television screen of the woman of your dreams; how much different would you live your life? Would you continue to spend unnecessary hours in […]

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The Pursuer Becomes The Pursued – How to be Chased By Women

A few of my clients have asked me if there is anyway to be sought out and approached by beautiful women. Meaning, is there a way to become so desirable to women that they muster up the courage to approach you on their own; similar to what Players do when they see an attractive woman. […]

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Women Love A Strong Spirit

Understanding what women really want. I once heard a quote that went ” The condition of the spirit is a reflection of the mind and the condition of the mind is a reflection of the body”. Now although I decided to keep my body and mind healthy to maintain a healthy spirit I never had […]

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friend zone

Friend Zone Beautiful Women

A man who will ‘Friend Zone’ women, is a man with standards. My friend and I were out approaching women today, looking for dates, in our typical fashion—that is going up to strange women in the street and trying to seduce them. He approached a beautiful blonde woman, who just happened to have a husband. […]

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