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What A Woman Thinks About You

I get a barrage of men emailing me and asking me questions that all reflect what they believe to be an issue with what a woman thinks about them. And I have to remind them of a simple concept that I’m going to share here. Basically, what a woman personally thinks about you isn’t all […]

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Deer Hunter vs The Deer: Women Dating Advice

Alright so, here goes a concept that I discuss with men almost everyday when emailed that I decided to put into article format. It’s the concept of “the deer” versus the “deer hunter”. I developed this concept after men would repeatedly tell me that a female friend of theirs had given them contrary advice to […]

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Eddie Fews: The Power In A Proper Compliment

There has been a myth going around the seduction community for sometime that you should never compliment a woman on her looks. That instead you should point out something unique that a guy doesn’t usually compliment her on to get her attention. While I agree that an indirect compliment will definitely lift a woman’s spirits, […]

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The 7 Things All Players Need To Stop Doing

  Lying To Women The isn’t a chronological list that’s in order of ” most important to least important” but this first one is more important than any of the others. The bad reputation that is associated with “players” is directly linked back to the lies players have been known to tell in order to […]

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A Persistent Pick Up At A New York City Subway Station

After a long night of approaching women and partying I had finally burned out and was ready to head home. I made my way into the subway station and took a seat in what appeared to be an empty room. I’m sitting slouched, with my elbow pointed into my thigh so that my right arm […]

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the game

Have You Read ‘The Game’ ?

A local WOTP Forum member by the name of Nate made a post asking a few questions about the book ” The Game by Neil Strauss”. Although I had never read the book or thought to read the book before reading his post; I figured, reading it along with him would allow me to connect […]

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The Pursuer Becomes The Pursued – How to be Chased By Women

A few of my clients have asked me if there is anyway to be sought out and approached by beautiful women. Meaning, is there a way to become so desirable to women that they muster up the courage to approach you on their own; similar to what Players do when they see an attractive woman. […]

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Be Who You Are While Alone

When I entered the train yesterday night there was a group of eight guys and girls fairly intoxicated coming from an sporting event. Full of charisma and energy they were telling jokes, stories, and laughing the night away. Intrigued by their spirit I decided to sit in the same area as them, to listen and […]

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The Life Of The Player

Players don’t just attend the nightclubs and parties. Players are a well known force while their out living the life. When a player steps outside the confines of his home, his presence is a well know entity in the air. Sure, he expects to socialize and hang with women but more importantly he’s out to […]

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what women want

What Do Women Really Want?

What do Women Really Want. This is the question that men are asking themselves today. Women tell us through the media, books, magazines and television that they want a kind sensitive man who will put their needs first, listen to them constantly and likes all the same things that they do. But is this really […]

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