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Story: How I Finally Lost My Virginity

By Dean A few weeks ago I lost my virginity to a hot girl. This would not seem like a big deal for a lot of guys but it was for me because I am 26 years old. That’s right I was a 26 year old virgin. “some kind of virgin freak” I am not an […]

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Steps To Successful Approaching

How to master the art of approaching By Eddie Fews The world today is full of people living in their heads, caught up in their own little world disregarding everything else going on externally. Modern technology doesn’t aid us in this at all. Instead, it gives people an additional escape to what is going on around […]

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How To Tell If A Beautiful Woman Is Approachable

5 tips to drastically improve your success. By Damien Diecke My students are often left stunned and amazed at how consistently I can walk from one woman to another, opening successfully every time; getting huge interest, really obvious and overt signals of attraction, a solid phone number and then leave to find my next target. […]

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The Most Important Thing – Strength In Love And Life

By Chris Manak From the heart of someone who has done most of what a lot of guys out there are striving to do, if there is only one thing that I can teach, let it be this – BE STRONG. Life is hard. You think a girl not talking back to you warrants depression? Wait […]

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25 Tips For Approaching Girls

By Chris Manak   1. Look your best This is an obvious one, yet it is still largely overlooked. If you’re overweight, or are really scrawny, or could use a tone up, spending time at the gym will get you much better results than just approaching, approaching, approaching. If you wear old “comfortable” clothes, buying […]

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Getting Drunk To Pick Up Girls

If you live in a Western country where alcohol is readily available in large quantities then you have probably at one point or another over indulged in an alcoholic substance and found yourself acting a bit out of character. Now whether this means you were acting a bit obnoxiously towards an attractive woman who didn’t […]

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Attract Beautiful Women Like A Player

By Kieran Black Most of us have at some point or another met girls who are totally hot but also totally insecure. We often see these kinds of girls dating assholes or average looking guys and we think to ourselves ‘they could do a lot better’… Well what happens when we see and want very hot […]

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Use Your Dog To Meet Beautiful Women.

If you are reading this then you are no doubt curious as to how you can best utilise Man’s Best Friend to help you get Man’s Best Lady Friend. Well if you have owned a dog in the past then you have no doubt at some point attracted the attention of beautiful women who wanted to pat and ‘oooh’ […]

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