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My name is Kieran Black and I love backpacking. As I sit in the airport lounge of Melbourne International airport awaiting my departure to Europe. I know that this journey will no doubt be one of the most interesting and insightful backpacking experiences of my life. And I can’t help but reminisce on the first time […]

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do you deserve success

Do You Deserve Success?

I meet a lot of guys who tell me that they want to experience success in life and become a Player. They tell me that they’re sick of sitting on the sidelines of life, watching other people succeed and grow and enjoy the things that they want. They tell me that they want to be […]

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beautiful women

Beautiful Women And Finding The One? – Become A Player

Cool, beautiful women are everywhere! How many guys get caught up in searching for the one? Searching for that one girl that is going to transform their entire lives. What many guys don’t realize is there is no “One girl” that is for you. In fact, giving that you have your head screwed on properly you […]

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My Top 10 Player Fails (Part 1)

It occurred to me recently that I write a lot about my success as a Player but I havent really touched on all the cringe-worthy failures that I experienced on the path to become a Player. I look back on many of those failures now and I can only laugh and shake my head at […]

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My Top 10 Player Fails (Part 2)

In ‘My Top 10 Player Fails (Part 1)‘ you read about my embarrassing love letter… My almost F-buddy… My clueless School dance… My failed threesome and the beautiful Irish bartender model dancer I scared away by being obsessive and jealous. You probably thought of some of your own love hardships whilst you were reading about mine. And unless […]

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how to become a player

Become A Player

My journey to become a Player. I want to start by thanking the writers of Way of the Player. I found Way of the Player shortly after I had broken up with my long term girlfriend. I was looking for guidance on getting myself back into fighting shape and it helped a lot. I knew I wanted […]

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Supermarket Pick Up – 6 Great Tips

The art of Supermarket Pick Up On Saturday night I was out in the city with the ‘The Melbourne Wolfpack’. We were talking about the different strategies you might use for seducing beautiful women in different environments. One of those places mentioned was the supermarket and it occurred to me this morning as I was sitting […]

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The Unexpected Threesome

Leons Thressome Story Hello gents, My name is Leon and I’m a 26 year old electrician from Leeds in West Yorkshire. I have been reading Way of the Player for about 6 months now and during that time I have learnt a lot about picking up beautiful women some of which I will share with you in […]

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Approach Women – The Words Barely Matter

One thing I get asked by guys all the time is, “what should say to beautiful women when I approach them?” And I normally answer them by telling them that they should try and be as genuine and fun as possible and then I give them an example, like. You are out at a nightclub and […]

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Get In The Zone To Approach Women

Get in the frame of mind to approach beautiful women Lately I’ve noticed there has been a lot of really great ‘life philosophy’ coming through on the Way of the Player forums and in particular from our New York columnist Eddie Fews. This has got me thinking a lot about my own life philosophies that I have […]

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