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Assume Authority

What Does Authority Mean To You? Authority is a necessary part of a functioning society, without it, there would be no civilization, no order, just chaos. Everyone wants authority, and those who don’t have it, often resent those who do but how do you get authority? Why should anyone listen to you? My name is Nate and […]

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Become A Player

True Players Give Love

I know the problem; I see the main issue, why 90% of men are struggling with when it comes to dating and meeting women. Most of you guys simply don’t not love people! You don’t enjoy meeting people, you don’t like helping other people grow, and you don’t enjoy giving to people. Many of us […]

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woman on toilet

Beautiful Women Poop Too

A while ago one of our members posted a picture in the forums of a beautiful girl sitting on a toilet seat. Underneath this picture it said ‘Women poop too’. I have often thought about how true that statement is and how many of us avoid this uncomfortable thought as much as possible. Most of […]

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Players Love Adventure

To become a Player, one must first accept that there will be challenges along the way but it is all part of the adventure. To look for adventure means to take a risk, to actively push yourself out of your comfort zone for the purpose of finding something new and exciting. We all want an […]

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Players Don’t Blame

Part of becoming a Player and growing as a man is learning to take responsibility for your own successes and failures. When men are too afraid to look internally and take responsibility for their own development and success… They typically blame external factors that they have no control over. Then… They feel sorry for themselves […]

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Embrace Rejection Like A Player

If you want to learn to overcome your fear of rejection, you need to learn to embrace it. Most people have been raised to do the right thing and to avoid making mistakes. You can probably recall, as a child, being told that you were doing something ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. When your parents told you […]

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like a player

Become A Player – You Can Do This!

Usually when I’m scanning the internet reading articles from various seducers I begin to notice a common theme. And it is this theme that is preventing many men from achieving the levels of success we’re each capable of. It appears to me that the larger percentage of articles on the net focus on the negative […]

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Overcome introversion

Introversion – Overcoming Our Social Shortcomings

My struggle to overcome introversion. Often people criticize me for being a quiet guy and I’m okay with that. When I talk, I say things for my own amusement and benefit. People who do a lot of talking, often have a lot to prove. You should be consciously aware of what you are sub-consciously projecting with your […]

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Seducers Mentality

I have noticed that the most common issue that many Players have, is that there is a discernible lack of the proper seducers mentality. There is a popular quote that goes as follows, “Be wary of you’re thoughts because you thoughts become you words, you’re words become you’re actions, you’re actions become you’re habits, you’re habits become you’re character and you’re character […]

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Girl With The Tiger Tattoo

The Girl With The Tiger Tattoo By Ben Hello, My name is Ben (Benicio) and this is the story of what happened to me recently with a girl with a very conspicuous Tiger tattoo. I have always been a bit attracted to girls with tattoos in fact my parents who are pretty traditional have always warned me […]

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