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do wome care about money

Does Money Matter To Girls?

When we see fat old men driving around young beautiful women in fast red Ferrari’s, it’s only natural for us to ask ourselves the question, ‘Is she with him because he has money?’ She is so attractive and he is so unattractive, it seems against the natural order of things that a beautiful woman who could have just […]

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vampire obsession

The Vampire Obsession

For any heterosexual warm blooded man who has ever seen the movie twilight or happens to have unwittingly found themselves involved in a conversation revolved around Edwards eyes or Jacobs abs, you have no doubt at some point wondered, what is it about vampires that make girls so gooey? In traditional folklore vampires are usually described as […]

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Alpha male is masculine

How To Get A Masculine Edge

Have you ever felt helpless and emasculated in a social situation? Most men have at least once in our lives, we have questioned our own ability to stand up for what we believe in or protect the ones we love because we have come across an ‘alpha male’ or group of ‘alpha men’ who made us feel small […]

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alpha male competition

How Beat Competing Alpha Males

By Kieran Black An Alpha male is a man who has developed a natural Alpha/Dominant mind frame within a wide social setting. These Alpha males are generally your biggest competition when you are proactively seducing an attractive female, who is receiving alot of male attention. They will often attempt to use physical and psychological means to […]

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