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Secret Texting Weapon: Inside Jokes

Secret Texting Weapon: Inside Jokes “How do I keep the texting going?” Inside jokes are the key to creating rapport and securing attraction (remember, it’s not all about having a diamond-cutting jawline and toned glutes, guys). Placing an inside joke anchor is your way to differentiate yourself from other guys because it’s tapping into a […]

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The 48 Laws Of Player

By Eddie Fews   1. Lead Whether you are in an intimate relationship, a social circle, or among colleagues you have one main priority as a Player and that is to LEAD. Indecision is lower than the ground we walk on as Players. A Player knows what he wants and he gets exactly what he wants. ” […]

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Make 2013 Awesome

Get What You Want In 2013

New Years Eve has just passed and we are now thinking about the year 2013. It would appear that the world didn’t end in the year 2012 like the Mayans predicted… Or did it? You can’t have a new beginning without an ending, right? What if the world you have lived in up until now, […]

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