They Don’t Matter To A Player


Hey everyone, I’m Nate, long time poster on Way of the Player but still fairly new at it. I’m here to tell you guys why some people don’t matter.

At some time in our lives, we all worried about what others thought of us, whether it was co-workers, classmates, that girl across the hall, whoever it was that you wanted to please. Now just think about that for a moment. At one point your entire life or at least a good chunk of it was based on pleasing people. But why?

You need to live for you, and not worry so much about what others think of you. I have a very brief story regarding how snappy and judgemental most people are. I happen to love to read, I read for fun, and read to learn. I recently expressed online that “I would not consider dating someone who does not read.” I was told “You’re being an elitist,” “That’s snobbery on your part.”

Just think about that for a second, based on one single statement of mine, an entire group of people made a gross, sweeping assumption on my character and worth as a person.

The reason these people have such views is not because they hate me, or hate you, or hate anyone at all. They hate the fact that people like myself, Eddie Fews, Kieran Black, and the rest of us here at Way of the Player have standards, and have dealbreakers. Something that they do not have. Now this story goes a bit further, I was actually told to “apologize” for “being mean.”

Let me tell you something, there is only a handful of times an apology is truly deserved, and this is not one of them. When people like this (small minded people) gather in a group, its sort of like a group of sickly wounded deer, and your statement makes you “the wolf”. They view you as a threat, because you won’t change your views.

That to me, is laughable. Here they are, they don’t know you as a person, they don’t know your character yet they still have the audacity to judge you based on nothing.

Now, we’ve got a lot of cool guys on Way of the Player so lets say one of em goes out and decides to do some approaches. Real people won’t care what they’re doing, because it doesn’t affect them. However, the small minded people will look at him and judge. A lesser man would think “Look at that jerk, he won’t leave those girls alone” when he should  be saying “If I can’t get laid, he shouldn’t be able to either.” A lesser woman would think “Look at that asshole, exploiting those girls” when she should be saying “I think I’m hotter than them, why don’t guys talk to me?”

Lastly, most people you meet, you will never see again, never talk to again, never interact with again. So why does it matter what they think?


By Nate




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