Player Quiz

Player quiz

Are you a Player?

This quiz will enable you to identify ‘key areas’ which require self-improvement and will serve to reinforce past strengths which have given you success in the past.

To keep things simple and to save our users from straining a brain muscle, all questions are multiple choice and you only need to select one answer, so just choose whichever answer relates best to you.

Please take note that this is not a test. The aim is not to get the right answer but rather to answer honestly so you can get honest feedback and increase your chances of getting constructive feedback.

There is no time limit but there is a total of 50 questions which you will need to complete and this shouldn’t take too long depending on how much consideration you give each answer.

There are four categories on which you will be assessed, they are as follows.


Assessing your attitude and frame of mind when you are preparing to approach beautiful women and nerve racking situations.


Assessing your commitment to self-improvement as a whole, encompassing all the most important areas of our lives which collectively make a productive and powerful individual.


Assessing how well you understand theory of attraction as outlined in the 170+ articles published by Way of the Player on this website.


Assessing how much you are actively involved in creating new experiences and opportunities for personal development in your day-to-day life.

These questions have been compiled by Way of the Player coaches with years of experience working with men, helping them achieve the results they want with women and in life.