How To Play Kings Cup

how to play kings cup

The wonderful game of Kings Cup

Here is a short tutorial provided by the Way of the Player team which will teach you how to play Kings (also known as ring of fire), the popular international drinking game.

Our Player’s have found that whilst on the move in foreign countries the game of Kings Cup has been instrumental to many a successful seduction and if played properly will break down social and cultural barriers faster and more effectively than the most intellectual and in depth of conversations.

Our Player’s have also found that when this game is played at parties it is renowned for hooking up otherwise shy people who would not have otherwise been open to seduction. This is due to the funny, silly and subtely sexual nature of the game, in any case we absolutely love it and it will help you get girls and now we’re giving it to you!

The rules of this game are really simple.

To begin find some friends (preferably pretty ones with big boobies) and take a standard deck of your average cheapo playing cards, (don’t use any cards that you aren’t willing to have damaged by cheap nasty alcohol) place your cards in a ringlike formation around a large drinking glass in the centre of the table (this glass is called the King’s cup and only the mightiest of King’s can fell it’s usually foul contents in one swoop).

Each Player is required to take their turn in removing a card from the ring one by one in a clockwise direction, each card they pull out has a particular meaning or rule, all of which involve drinking, the suits of the numbers are irrelevant only the number/class counts.

The following cards and their associated rules are as follows.

2 – You drink two.

You choose someone from within the group to drink two large gulps of their drink.

A sly man will choose either the object of his infatuation or his biggest male competition.

3 – I drink three.

If you pull this card out you are required to take three large gulps of your drink.

Down it like a man! Or if you’re a woman, down it like a manly woman!

4- Four is floor.

Last person to touch the floor has to drink one large gulp of their drink.

This can be done at anytime until another four is drawn, try to catch people unsuspectingly by pretending to drop something on the ground then putting your hand on the floor to catch out the slow ones.

5- Slap table.

Upon seeing this card pulled out all the players need to slap the table, the last one to do this has to drink.

More drinks get spilt on this card rule than any other.

6- Chicks.

All the girls have to drink.

If there are no girls or no boys then this card becomes truth or dare and you need to get out more.

7- Thumbmaster

Whoever pulls this card becomes the new thumb-master, the thumb master can place his thumb on the table at any one time and the last person to put their thumb on the table after you do, has to drink.

This one is similar to card four and relies on the wit of the card drawer to catch out whomever he/she wants to get drunk.

8 – I Never

Be truthful and state something that you have never done.

This is a really useful card for finding out just how wild some girls are, say something you haven’t done, for example. 

‘Never have I ever, paid homeless people to twist my nipples’

Anyone who has paid homeless people to twist their nipples has to drink, if no one drinks then you have to drink as the card drawrer.

9 – Rhyme.

Say a word, whoever is clockwise to you has to say a word that rhymes with it, this goes around in a circle until someone repeats a word already stated or can’t think of a new one; the person who breaks the rhyme drinks.

Try and think of something that sounds easy but is actually impossible to rhyme in English like ‘purple’ or ‘month’ that way you can ensure that it never comes back to you. Saying a word someone else has said previously is an automatic fail.

10- Men.

All the men have to drink.

If there are no boys or no girls then this card becomes ‘imitate an action’ wherein at some point you can make some kind of special action like flapping your arms in the air like a purple-breasted sisserou and everyone has to copy you, last person to copy you drinks. 

Jack- Category.

Say a word which is part of a category, everyone after you has to say a new word in that category and the first one to fail drinks.

Try and choose something fun that will help break the ice, such as ‘sexual positions’. Once again saying a word someone else has said previously is an automatic fail.

Queen- Rule.

The rule card is the funnest card you can get because it allows you to create a new rule for the game that everyone needs to follow until a new Queen is pulled, anyone that is caught breaking this rule has to drink.

This is a good opportunity to take the game to another level, a good one to play with girls is, ‘everytime they look you in the eyes they need to remove an item of clothing’

King- King’s Cup.

Everytime a King is pulled, the person who pulled it is required to pour a bit of their drink into the cup in the centre of the table, when the fourth and last King is pulled the person who pulled that King has to drink the entire cup and the game is over.

If people have been drinking a variety of alcohols at the table, for instance, beer, wine and baileys. Then the end result can often be quite revolting, nevertheless rules are rules so bottoms up!

Ace- Waterfall.

When an Ace is pulled everyone at the table has to scull and continue sculling until the person to their immediate right has stopped drinking.

This is a great way to really mess over the person next to you if they have been annoying you because they can’t stop drinking until you do.

Anyone who breaks this chain of awesome sculling does not know or respect how to play Kings and deserves to be scorned collectively by the group.


Kings is a great game for getting people loose and is essential to having good backpacker game, just remember the aim is to drink less than everyone else because if you get too wasted to even stand then you have lost control and probably dashed your chances for the night of picking up a hottie, so drink for fun, not for ruin.


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