The 5 Fashion Essentials Needed For Summer

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1. White Sneakers

Anyone that knows anything about fashion knows that white sneakers are a summer essential. Darker colors were always meant to absorb heat and sunlight in the winter to keep one warm, and light colors were intended to reflect that light to keep one cool. And the best part about white sneakers is they go with absolutely EVERYTHING. Whether you’re wearing a summer suit, cuffed jeans, or shorts, white sneakers are always option.

The most current fashionable brand is:

Common Projects Low Top Whites: $375




You can buy them at Barney’s

They’re a great shoe. I own a pair of these myself. They’re consistently complimented and the quality Italian leather will last you all year long.

2. Sunglasses

Now of course this is a given; we all keep a pair of sunglasses during the summer to protect our eyes from those noon UVB sun rays. Sunglasses act as both protection and they allow you to make a fashion statement. Just don’t be the guy that walks into a nightclub that still thinks it’s cool to wear the sunglasses inside a dark room. Take them off, close them, and let them hang from the front of your shirt pocket if you have one, or the center of your button up shirt up so they’re still on display. You can grab a stylish pair of sunglasses for little to nothing from stores like TOPMAN and H&M .

Topman: Yellow Lens Aviator Sunglasses: $30


You can find them at

If you’re into sunglasses for the style and not eye protection, there is no need to over spend. There are many affordable brands that are just as stylish if not more stylish that more expensive ones.

3. Linen Button Up Shirts

With the summer heat staying cool has never been more challenging. Linen shirts are the perfect way to maintain your cool temperature without compromising your business casual professionalism. Linen is an extremely light material that won’t constrict you the way that the common cotton and polyester will and it the material is full of many air pockets that assist in the constant circulation of fresh air helping to keep you cool.

There are an array of outlets to get your linen shirts, the most current in fashion and a few of my personal favorites include J.CREW, Calvin Klein , and Zara

4. Slim Fit Chinos

Now while many think of chinos as being identified with dress or work pants chinos do go great with a all items including T-shirts, the linen shirts above and sneakers. Get you a pair of Khaki, black, and Red or Olive Green Chinos and you’ll be all set for pants when it comes to creating outfits for the summer.

Chino shorts that FIT are another great summer fashion essential. It’s okay to put away the the baggy string hanging cargo shorts every once in a while and wear something a little more form fitting. It’s not like you’ll be getting into any club worth going to with cargos on anyway. Chinos in all forms, whether shorts or pants, whether they’re cuffed or straight are great all year round, but are especially essential in the summer.

J. Crew Mens Light Weight Chino Shorts: $60

You can find them at




5. A Wrist Watch

This one isn’t just for summer, this is a fashion tip all year round, but with the extra skin being exposed during the summer there is no time in which more attention is being paid to accessories than during this particular season. A wrist watch gives a man a business like appearance. It gives off the impression that you are busy and you are conscious of time. Anyone conscious of time is a respecter of time, and anyone that respects their own time, has their time equally respected by others. The price margin for your watch will depend on your budget, but as a simple tip, stick to the colors black and silver. The colorful sports watches are not the way to go unless you can afford a wide variety. Invest in a simple black and silver analog watch. With either black leather straps or a silver metal linked straps.

My personal recommendation would be to log onto Ebay and search “ Black Leather Strap Wrist Watch” and look at the competitive prices within your price range and find something that closest fits you and your style.

Thanks for reading.

Eddie Fews

The 5 Fashion Essentials Needed For Summer
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