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Amazing tips from veteran seduction guru, Kieran Black.

Attractive women with gay men

Her Gay Best Friend

G-B-F’s, otherwise known as Gay Best Friends have been steadily becoming on of the most sought after accessories for the modern babe to have, kind of like the Chihuahua in the handbag but they have sex with other men. Ever since the first episode of ‘Will and Grace’ aired it has been an infatuation that falls […]

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video games and girlfriends

Video Games Versus Girlfriend

By Kieran Black Since the dawn of the digital age, when the first mass produced video game consol ‘The Magnavox Odyssey’ first appeared in 1968, a love affair between males and video games began that would see the technology steadily develop and improve over the years until almost every Western household in the world owned some form of video game. […]

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