Never Get Rejected Again

Do you fear rejection? Are you afraid of trying and failing? I’m about to tell you two ways that you can make sure that you NEVER get rejected ever again. It is not a strategy it’s not a technique, it is just reality and out of these two options that I present you, one will lead to you having a …

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learn a martial art

Learn A Martial Art

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of the most successful driven people I have met in this community also practice a martial art. The same kind of man who can see the benefit in constant exercise, stretching and training towards perfection, is the same kind of man who can employ those skills towards meeting and seducing beautiful women. Because Becoming …

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getting laid

One Night Stands

One Night Stands Are Awesome Have you ever wanted to be the kind of guy who could go out to a bar and take home beautiful women on a regular basis? A lot of guys have tried this with mixed results. Most guys don’t succeed initially, they don’t know how to subtly make the transition with a girl from a bar/nightclub/party scenario …

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player game

Players Win The Game

There comes a time in every Players life, when he meets a girl who makes him feel like he has won the game of life and love. When you meet that girl you will know it beyond any doubt and you will know with both your mind and your heart, not one or the other. Sometimes the mind can trick …

Players Win The Game
how to approach women

Approach Women With Curiosity

How Do You Approach Women? Something I have noticed lately, is that there are a lot of guys out there who are primarily focused on things like, sexual intent, assertiveness and masculinity when they approach women. These are all good qualities to display to women but they shouldn’t be your primary focus; and this is why. These elements introduce an …

Approach Women With Curiosity
what women want

What Do Women Really Want?

What do Women Really Want. This is the question that men are asking themselves today. Women tell us through the media, books, magazines and television that they want a kind sensitive man who will put their needs first, listen to them constantly and likes all the same things that they do. But is this really what they want? Are the …

What Do Women Really Want?


My name is Kieran Black, I am a former professional Dating coach and a current columnist with Way of the Player. I have been teaching men how to attract and seduce beautiful women for many years now and during that time I have continued to learn and grow myself. In fact, it is through teaching others that I came to …


Removing Negative Influences From Your Life

How Our Influences Can Shape Our Lives Recently I had to remove someone from my life who was very important for a long time and a big influence. It wasn’t easy because this person was family but it was necessary because their self-destructive behavior and selfishness was having a negative impact on my life. Some people might view this as harsh. How …

Removing Negative Influences From Your Life